Isolation Food

We’ve been mostly stuck at home now for a little over two weeks. I’ve been baking. There was a small mishap with some pastry flour (let’s just say that I accidentally bought 50 lbs of it, didn’t realize it and couldn’t get my bread to rise for about two weeks), but now that that is under control (making my way through the pastry flour by baking cakes, cookies and croissants to Storm’s delight, and buying another 50 lbs of flour – bread flour this time!), I’m back on a bread baking roll. We still haven’t found yeast in anywhere (but we did get a bit donated from friends, that’s the mark of a true friend!), but working from home is an ideal environment for baking sourdough bread anyway. Here are some of our bread-heavy isolation foods.

Baked brie with figs, nuts and raisins. Multi-grain sourdough in the background.
Hamburger buns
Roastbeef sandwiches made with pumpkin and sunflower seed sourdough loaf.


  1. Oh my god. It looks SO good – and 100lbs of flour is like nothing for a great baker like you😍😘❤️

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