Good friends, good food, good times. When my husband suggested we write these words on the door of our small two-bedroom apartment, I was skeptical at first. It sounds a bit cheesy, doesn’t it? But the more I thought about it, the more it seems to characterize what happens behind our door. Our home is a place where friends often visit. And more often than not, these visits revolve around food. Which, more often than not, I cook.

Most of my weekdays are spent thinking and writing about language. I’m a linguist-in-training, you see, working towards my PhD. That’s the reason I’m here, in San Diego, California, instead of in Denmark where I grew up.  But although my days are filled with words, signs, and gestures, my evenings and weekends are often dedicated to cooking and baking. Some of the things I enjoy most about cooking are figuring out what things combine to create certain flavors and textures, and to making delicious things out of the nothings left in the fridge. I spend a lot of time and flour experimenting with different breads, and I’ve been known to dabble in the making of pickles, condiments, Danish traditional foods, and even cheese. This blog displays my ongoing efforts, so feel free to look around and comment if you like.