• Plenty of Pizza

    It's hard to believe that I haven't done a pizza post yet. Given that we make pizza maybe once a week in our house, I'll not even try to count the opportunities I have missed for doing this. The good

  • Upcycle Stock

    I was recently reminded that a good way to reduce food waste is to use all the odds and ends to make stock. What I didn't know was that you can actually save onion and garlic skins and use them in

  • Fig & Walnut Bread

    My recent bread feast involved, among other breads, a fig & walnut loaf. It was made with Italian type 00 flour, dried mission figs and walnuts. It also had a thin, crisp, salty malt syrup crust.

  • A Saturday Night Bread Feast

    On a Saturday night not long ago, we had a bread feast at our house. Planning a bread feast is always a risky endeavor, at least for me. When I'm experimenting with bread (which is how one ends up

  • Possibly My Best Bread Yet

    I usually bake all the bread we eat at home. Since I began baking for real (you can read more about that here), I’ve mostly done variations on the same recipe. But last year when I was trying to

  • Collard Green Wraps

    I have a feeling that our household is one of those that likes interactive food. I grew up in the eighties in Denmark where pita breads were all the craze. We’re talking store-bought pitas. canned

  • Cauliflower Pizza with Beet Greens

    The cauliflower pizza is a new favorite of mine. I started making it as an attempt to eat more vegetables, but it stuck around because it’s just so delicious. I encountered the concept of