• Things I Ate

    I haven't been very good in writing about food and cooking during most of this pregnancy. I guess I got out of the habit a bit during the first trimester

  • Omelet and Dark Sourdough Bread Breakfast

    I may or may not have rediscovered my sweet tooth recently. I blame the British Baking Show and Netflix. They have conspired to make this happen. And once you begin feeding your body that sweet

  • Egg, Bacon, and Radish Greens on Sourdough

    It's possible that the breakfast post featuring eggs and bacon is becoming a bit of a cliche here on the blog. Yet, I'm sorry to say that there seems to be no end in sight, because eggs and bacon are

  • New Wooden Breakfast Boards

    My mom gave Paulus these wooden breakfast boards as a Christmas gift. At the school where she works, they have established a farm store where they sell jams, pickles and knick-knacks, and that's

  • A sweet AND savory breakfast adventure

    Perhaps the success with the stewed oranges at the birthday brunch went to my head a little bit, because every fruit I've looked at since has made me wonder how well it would take to stewing. A

  • Birthday Brunch

    Last weekend, a friend of mine and I celebrated our birthdays with a birthday brunch. Both of us cooked things, and then a bunch of people came over to eat them and to hang out. It was pretty great.

  • Sourdough Pancakes

    As a result of my recent experimentation with sourdough bread baking, I have found myself with excessive amounts of sourdough starter. When you're building and maintaining your starter, you end up

  • Those Pickled Onions

    You might recall the pickled cocktail onion that I posted about some days ago. Despite my expectation that these would 'just be eaten over the next few days', I was at an initial loss for ways to use

  • Vibrant Veggie Breakfast

    Our CSA box this week came with the bonus add-on of organic, farm fresh eggs. This kind of eggs are just such a different experience from the regular supermarket eggs that we otherwise get, even when