A sweet AND savory breakfast adventure

Perhaps the success with the stewed oranges at the birthday brunch went to my head a little bit, because every fruit I’ve looked at since has made me wonder how well it would take to stewing. A birthday gift I got from a very thoughtful friend was a bag full of fantastic persimmons. And you better believe I stewed them at the first opportunity. Luckily they are delicious stewed. Although I would probably not have admitted it if they weren’t. But I know they were in fact delicious, based on how fast Paulus finished his yoghurt bowls at breakfast.

But there is only so long (N instances) you can take sweet breakfasts. In our case, N=1. So on the morning of the second occurrence of yoghurt and persimmon, I had to take salty action.

This involved day-old baguettes (we were leaving for Europe a few days after this, had to use up all remaining food. Yes, you make call me the savior of left-over bread. There is a land, in which all bread, whether stale, under-proofed, or overly sour, has equal opportunity, and I am their queen). The baguettes were (magically, you might say) transformed into goat cheese crostini with olive oil and oregano. A prince on a white goat cheese horse come to save the sweet breakfast princess in distress.

I love cleaning out the fridge!

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