Vibrant Veggie Breakfast


Our CSA box this week came with the bonus add-on of organic, farm fresh eggs. This kind of eggs are just such a different experience from the regular supermarket eggs that we otherwise get, even when we get the ones that are organic, free range, etc. You can perhaps discern it in the photo, but the yolks of this type of egg is just so vibrant, and so yellow that it is almost orange. And then they taste, mmhmmhm, so good it’s hard to describe. They taste like you want to eat another egg, but they are also so rich, flavorful, and satisfying that you don’t even need to eat another one. Does that make sense?

Close to where my mom works, there’s a farm that raises chickens in the best possible way, organic and free range. They don’t even sell their eggs to supermarkets, just to the locals that pass by on their way to and from work. Those are the best eggs I have ever had. So I had high expectations for these CSA box eggs, since they come from chickens raised in similar circumstances.

I fried up two of the eggs, and served them together with the wilted tops of the radishes, because the combination of egg and a spinach-like green is just meant to be. I then added cucumber and toast for crunch, and tomato because I could.

Although the eggs could not top the ones I have at my mom’s, they took a happy second place.


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