Big Changes

The past couple of weeks have been eventful for us – a total disruption of the slow, Storm-focused, living-in-the moment life of a household on parental leave. The disruption came about because Paulus got a new job. His new company is based in New York, and although the intention is for him to work remotely in the long term, our minds started spinning with the possibly of an adventure. The happy collision of this new job with my having collected all the data I need for my dissertation and being on a leave of absence from the university for the rest of the year left us suddenly completely untethered to any specific location. So we decided to take the leap and uproot our family; we have left our San Diego home for New York and Europe for the rest of the year.

When things were finalized with Paulus’ job, we had a very short time in which to pack up our apartment and figure out the logistics of the move. Having lived in San Diego for more than six years now, I felt a great thrill in purchasing our one way tickets to elsewhere. I’m sure we will miss our sunny, temperate, palm tree-bedecked home before the year is over, but for now, I’m excited.

Flying is a piece of cake when you can nap in Papa’s arms

Traveling to New York was Storm’s first time flying, and we were a bit apprehensive about it. Paulus and I have traveled a fair bit together, but traveling with a baby and all its gear is quite a different experience from traveling as just two adults. I have to say, though, that being able to check stroller and car seat for free at the gate made the at the airport experience relatively smooth. And after boarding, then having to exit the plane because of a delay, re-boarding a couple of hours later, and finally two poop explosions on the plane, one of which necessitated a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the drinks service (during which I knocked over a woman’s drink with the diaper bag and had to struggle to keep Storm from skidding off the metal changing table in the bathroom during turbulence), the flight went well. The hardest part of the journey was the hour long cab ride from the airport to the hotel. After seemingly not noticing anything out of the ordinary on the flight, Storm cried for two-thirds of the car ride. But then again, that’s what he would have done at home, too. He is nothing if not consistent.

But we made it.

After three nights in the hotel and a week in an Airbnb, we are now settled in an apartment for the rest of our stay. Paulus has started work, and Opa has arrived from Holland to support us with some babysitting, so that I can also get some work done (yes, we know exactly how lucky and privileged we are…).

Exhausted afternoon nap in our crammed hotel room

No bathtub, no problem…

Hanging out with Opa in our Airbnb

Exploring Central Park

Let the adventure begin!


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