Spinach Gnocchi

Some weeks ago, one of my friends (who happens to be an excellent cook) sent me a gnocchi recipe to help me use up/increase intake of random leafy greens. I think she meant for me to use it to increase my intake of greens, because I had been complaining that I wasn’t getting enough iron rich foods. But I took it as a way to try to use up some greens in a food aversion-accommodating manner, as this was around the time that the first trimester food-waste disaster struck.

I have made gnocchi before and liked them. So once I felt ok thinking about food again, I set out to make gnocchi with spinach. The greens are a very straightforward addition to regular gnocchi. After you cook and mash or rice the potatoes, you add egg and flour as usual, and then some cooked and drained greens. Bring the dough together, but don’t overwork it. Roll out long strips of the dough and cut into small pieces. Dump them into boiling, salted water. When they float to the surface, they are cooked. All that remains then is to serve them with some kind of sauce, or other creative additions. In my case, I smothered them in a mushroom and cream sauce. Not bad at all, whether you’re trying to increase your iron intake, use of bits of leafy greens, or simply make delicious dinner.


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