Breadstick Baking

I made breadsticks for the first time! I didn’t think I would actually be successful in this endeavor, because I’ve struggled before with finding the balance between not yet crisp and too-hard-to-chew. I used the good old internet to search for a recipe, just to start somewhere, and then I actually followed it. More or less anyway. I might have substituted juice from roasted tomatoes for some or the water and added some garlic. But apart from that, these were by the book.

As you can see, my breadstick-rolling skills can still be improved, but there was nothing wrong with taste or texture of these grissini. After squeezing some of the juice from my roasted tomatoes to use in the dough, I blended the rest of them together with a few olives and some olive oil to make a dip for the breadsticks. The whole thing took less than two hours from start to finish, and you can easily store both products for at least 4-5 days in case you want to make them ahead of time. Here’s the recipe in case you want to try it out.

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