Grilled Romaine Salad


The Grilled Romaine Salad was a revelation the first time I made it (it gets to be written with capital letters, that’s how good it is). I don’t know why this hasn’t made the blog before, because I’ve made it many times.

The salad is rather simple. It consists of romaine salad, bread, eggs, scallions, a soy-and-vinegar dressing, and sesame seeds. The original recipe is from ‘I am a food blog’, and it comes with a nice story and gorgeous pictures. It also calls for the addition of seaweed in the salad, but as I am not the biggest seaweed fan, I tend to work in scallions as a substitute instead.

The original recipe suggests grilling the romaine in a skillet, and that’s what I have done before. But on this day, the weather was good, and the community barbecue was not in use, so I figured we may as well grill the salad outside.


So we dragged the ingredients outside (I had precooked the eggs, pre-mixed the dressing, and pre-roasted the sesame seeds), and got to grilling the bread, scallions and salad.


Once everything was nicely wilted and charred, we assembled the plates, drizzled them with dressing and sprinkled them with sesame seeds.


The grilled, cubed bread becomes genius little sponges for the delicious dressing made with soy, Chinese black vinegar and sesame oil. The egg adds creaminess, and the grilled vegetables are both charred and vibrant. And the sesame seeds give little flavor-bursts and get stuck in your teeth so you look funny. Altogether a recipe for a successful Saturday lunch in the sun.



  1. yay! so happy you like the recipe and the grilled scallion addition looks amazing 🙂

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