Omelet and Dark Sourdough Bread Breakfast

I may or may not have rediscovered my sweet tooth recently. I blame the British Baking Show and Netflix. They have conspired to make this happen. And once you begin feeding your body that sweet refined sugar, it’s hard to go back. So I have been making custard. That stuff is good! The only thing that have kept me from making custard every day is the amount of egg yolks necessary to accomplish this. Paulus already had to do an extra grocery run because we were out of eggs. And considering how much both of us despise doing groceries, this gave me pause. And a chance to focus on the egg whites rather than the yolks. Which was sort of the point of this post. I guess I got a little side-tracked, but please bear with me while I side-track a little more.

I’ve been baking like crazy recently – I’ve both experimented and slavishly followed recipes, and I can now say with some confidence that I know how to make a sourdough bread. That’s not to say that I don’t celebrate wildly every time a loaf actually rises, but let’s just say that there has been no material to start a new bread graveyard post yet.

So on a morning a few days ago, we had a bit of a lovely dark wholewheat sourdough loaf leftover that we wanted to eat for breakfast. And I knew it was time to dispose of some of the amassing egg-whites if I were ever to make a custard again. TheĀ one beautiful heirloom tomato we had left (we’ve also been somewhat obsessed with baking tomatoes with various things lately, incidentally none of this was photographed and no notes were taken) would do nicely in an omelet, so egg-white omelet it was. With garlic, arugula, and goat gouda. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water a little bit, and I just had second breakfast… Excuse me while I go cook up some custard, so there will be more egg-whites for omelettes soon.


    • It is – Christmas present! I’ll serve you some tea in it next time you visit. It makes such a delicious sound when you place the cup on the saucer.

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