Guacamole Toast


I’ve written before about how we are savory breakfast people. For this reason, a guacamole toast does not seem like an unreasonable breakfast choice for us. That said, I’m sure this would be enjoyable as lunch or dinner or random snack as well. It was pretty tasty. Although, I’m wondering. The so-called guacamole did not, in fact, contain any lime. Is it, then, officially a guacamole? I’m not sure. Where does one draw the line between a proper guacamole, and a mere mash of avocado with tomato or other additions?

In any case, this breakfast toast came from some rather humble beginnings. Last time we went shopping, we made a few sub-optimal choices. We accidentally picked a net of avocados that were overripe, and a tomato that needed to be used almost immediately. But of course, I didn’t notice this immediately when unpacking our purchases. Of course not, because that would have given me time to plan ahead and be all cool and pretend these tomatoes and avocados were just as we prefer them, thank you very much. No, I discovered this state of affairs in the initial phase of breakfast-making on a weekday when I was already running a bit late, due to a (not) early (enough) morning jog. It went something like this.

Me: Ok quick breakfast, I think I’ll just grab some eggs and fry them up fast and then just serve them with this slice of avoca.. huh… why is this so soft? Never mind, I’ll grab another. Huh. Oh. Huh. They’re all soft! Not good. Better check other bits of produce for ripeness as well, just to be safe. Oh, no, really!?

It was the kind of situation that requires immediate attention. We were not returning to the apartment until close to bedtime (mine, not Paulus’), so if I was going to avoid throwing out those avocados and that tomato, they had to become breakfast at that very moment. And so they did. And they did it rather well. I scooped the good bits of avocado from the skins and roughly chopped the tomato. Salt, pepper and a little bit of scallion was added as well, and I finished the toasts with some grated cheese. And then we snapped some photos and quickly ate every last crumb, and I was only a tiny bit late after all.

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