A Throw-Together Salad


Most of this reducing food waste business has felt pretty glamorous and fun to me so far. This is probably because I have pretty much just been able to take my pick from a plethora of fresh ingredients, and then cook whatever I felt like with them. However, on the day of the throw-together salad, I realized that the leftovers were piling up and that they needed to be used soon in order to avoid a rather embarrassing blog post detailing my neglect.

But what do you make with leftover salad (chopped and dressed), cauliflower patties and pumpkin seeds? It turns out you can make a pretty tasty throw-together salad.

I made mine by mixing cooked quinoa into the pre-made salad and then topping it with oven-crisped strips of cauliflower patty and home-roasted pumpkin seeds (I might write about these another time). Greens, grains, protein and nuts. Not the most inspired, but still a pretty tasty and nutritious lunch. Especially when served with some self-congratulations for not throwing away random bits of food.

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