• Things I Ate

    I haven't been very good in writing about food and cooking during most of this pregnancy. I guess I got out of the habit a bit during the first trimester

  • Fruit Ceviche (or Jicama Salad)

    A few years ago, we took a trip to Oaxaca in Mexico. As always, we hopped between hotels and AirBnBs, and found some magic places among them.       And obviously, we

  • Thai Style Spicy Beef Salad

    I once combed through the produce section of what felt like a million supermarkets, just to find a green papaya for a Thai salad. While the salad was excellent, it only used about a quarter of the

  • Barley Salad Bowl

      I've been home alone this week for reasons related to someone in our household forgetting their visa and not being allowed on the plane home. I haven't particularly enjoyed this. Not

  • A Shrimp Salad to the Rescue

    With all my recent sourdough bread failures, you must have thought that I had given up on reducing our food waste. Well, not entirely. In fact, as we say in Danish, nothing is so bad that it isn't

  • Those Pickled Onions

    You might recall the pickled cocktail onion that I posted about some days ago. Despite my expectation that these would 'just be eaten over the next few days', I was at an initial loss for ways to use

  • A Throw-Together Salad

    Most of this reducing food waste business has felt pretty glamorous and fun to me so far. This is probably because I have pretty much just been able to take my pick from a plethora of fresh

  • Zucchini Crostini and Roasted Vegetable Salad

    You might remember that I am in the middle of a food waste reduction experiment that was greatly enhanced by the renewal of our CSA vegetable box subscription renewal. Too many compound nouns in that