• Dukkah

    Dukkah is one of those genius inventions, which, when you try it and learn what it is, makes you wonder how you could possibly not have thought of this food before. It's so good, but it's extremely

  • A Not Quite Banh Mi Sandwich

    Banh mi sandwiches are a great favorite with both me and Paulus. You probably already know what a banh mi sandwich is, because they have been so very hip for the last few years. But in case you don't,

  • Thai Style Spicy Beef Salad

    I once combed through the produce section of what felt like a million supermarkets, just to find a green papaya for a Thai salad. While the salad was excellent, it only used about a quarter of the

  • Pomegranate Salsa

    When we go shopping, we have a very fancy system. Our shopping list is a voice-controlled list in a shared digital document. Whenever I realize that we're running out of something, or I think of an

  • Sweet Potato Gnocchi

    I discovered gnocchi very late in my life. And even though Tom Colicchio on Top Chef is always complaining about how the contestants make such heavy gnocchi dishes, I'm a fan of these little potato

  • Birthday Brunch

    Last weekend, a friend of mine and I celebrated our birthdays with a birthday brunch. Both of us cooked things, and then a bunch of people came over to eat them and to hang out. It was pretty great.

  • Easy Spaghetti Carbonara

    Spaghetti carbonara, *happy sigh*. This is a dish I like a lot. Paulus does, too, but then he never met a pasta dish that he didn't like. Every once in a while, I'll forget about the existence of

  • Sourdough Pancakes

    As a result of my recent experimentation with sourdough bread baking, I have found myself with excessive amounts of sourdough starter. When you're building and maintaining your starter, you end up