Storm’s First Birthday

Storm turned one last week. We celebrated a bit early because we had a chance to have most of the grandparents over on our last weekend in Germany.

We had cake – Storm seemed to like both it, and all the chocolate decoration he got his little, grabby hands on. And although I had tried to teach him to blow out candles, so far I’ve only succeeded in making him think that ‘pfffff pffff’ means candle. So he uses it when he sees both lit and unlit candles, lighters, and when he would like a candle lit. It’s adorable, though. But in the end, Opa and I helped im blow out the birthday candle.

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It was a really magical weekend. We had glühwein (spiced, warm wine) at the Christmas market in the city.

And for Storm’s birthday lunch, we went to a local restaurant that we’ve fallen in love with for its unabashed traditionality. Their specialty is whole goose, which we just had to try before leaving Göttingen. As we were walking there, it started snowing, and while we were eating, we watched big snowflakes gently falling from outside the window. I was excited like a little kid.

Arrived at the restaurant, Storm had a great time exploring the space and hanging with the grandparents. 

And of course with the goose, which arrived in style.

Happy birthday, Storm. It’s amazing that you’ve been with us for a whole year already. We’re excited for the next ones.

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