Parmesan Rosemary Crackers

Last weekend, I made crackers. I used a recipe that I’ve used a few times before. I found it a while ago on the baker chick’s blog, to where it, in turn, appears to have journeyed from Smitten Kitten. This recipe gets around. But just that fact should make you want to bake these crackers yourself. A tried and true recipe creating light crackers that are layered and crispy, with good parmesan flavor, and just a hint of rosemary.

They are also easy to make as crackers go. Just mix all the ingredients together (for example in the food processor), roll out the dough and cut it into cracker shapes, and bake.

The original recipe suggest a baking time of around 12 minutes, but that is either too much in my oven or I rolled the dough too thin, because it results in burned-cheese crackers rather than expressions of omg-did-you-make-these-yourself. If your oven is anything like mine, I suggest starting with 8 minutes and then adding on a minute at a time until the crackers are golden on top.

When they are baked, let them cool for a bit on a wire rack, and then see how long you can stand not eating them all. Mine lasted for about a day…

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Parmesan Rosemary Crackers

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