Corn Fritters and Homegrown Carrot Salad


Back when it was much more like summer than it is now, I harvested this year’s homegrown carrots. And then I cooked a meal with the entire harvest. Which wasn’t too bad, considering that the entire harvest consisted of the three tiny carrots pictured above.

I wanted to keep the carrots raw. This was my only opportunity to enjoy their flavor, after all. So I shaved them into thin slices together with summer squash, mixed it all with cilantro, and dressed it in lemon juice and olive oil.


To accompany the salad, I roasted some sweet potato cubes, and made these corn and quinoa fritters. The result was a dinner of almost only vegetables, that somehow did not seem like only that. This was the first time I made corn fritters, and I was quite happy with the result. Although next time, I think I will add a salty element to either the fritters or the dish as a whole, like maybe preserved lemons or feta cheese. Well, maybe next summer once I’ve grown another three carrots…


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