• The end of the pregnancy

    At the end of my last pregnancy post, I commented that since we were now at term with the pregnancy (this was at the end of week 37), there was now only the waiting left to do. As it turned out, we

  • Christmas in Denmark

    This year, Paulus and I celebrated the holidays in Europe. It's always wonderful to see family and friends, and we are fortunate enough that the main celebration doesn't fall on the same day in both

  • Æbleflæsk (apple pork)

    With December coming up, I’ve started to crave the traditional Danish dishes that we usually eat around Christmas. One thing I like to make is Æbleflæsk, which translates to something like apple

  • Rugbrød (Rye Bread)

    Rugbrød is one of the most iconic Danish food items there is. It’s a dense, sourdough bread made with rye flour and often whole rye berries. And unlike its American namesake, this bread has nothing