• The end of the 2018 journey

    Now that we've been back in San Diego for a couple of weeks, I thought i would share a few reflections on our epic traveling year. It feels like we gone for a year, though it was really only 9 months.

  • Left-Over Sourdough Starter Loaves

    When you're feeding your sourdough starter twice a day (see over here for more details about that), but you don't have time/freezer space/a family of 10 to bake every day, you end up with quite a lot

  • Chard & Beet Stem Hummus

    There were chard stalks in my fridge recently. The greens had been used for breakfast a few days prior, but what was I going to do with the stems? I suspected I would be in the same dilemma with some

  • Carrot Top Sesame Stir-Fry

    A bunch of carrots with bushy, crispy greens arrived in our CSA box. I've learned that whenever the box arrives, the soft, leafy greens need to be used first. Carrot tops are interesting. They

  • A Shrimp Salad to the Rescue

    With all my recent sourdough bread failures, you must have thought that I had given up on reducing our food waste. Well, not entirely. In fact, as we say in Danish, nothing is so bad that it isn't

  • Guacamole Toast

    I’ve written before about how we are savory breakfast people. For this reason, a guacamole toast does not seem like an unreasonable breakfast choice for us. That said, I’m sure this would be

  • A Throw-Together Salad

    Most of this reducing food waste business has felt pretty glamorous and fun to me so far. This is probably because I have pretty much just been able to take my pick from a plethora of fresh

  • Zucchini Crostini and Roasted Vegetable Salad

    You might remember that I am in the middle of a food waste reduction experiment that was greatly enhanced by the renewal of our CSA vegetable box subscription renewal. Too many compound nouns in that

  • Cauliflower Pizza with Beet Greens

    The cauliflower pizza is a new favorite of mine. I started making it as an attempt to eat more vegetables, but it stuck around because it’s just so delicious. I encountered the concept of

  • Everything Edible: The return of the CSA Box.

      We recently renewed our subscription to Suzie’s Farm’s CSA program. CSA stands for community supported agriculture. Isn’t it crazy how you can get annoyed at people flinging around