8 Months Old Today

Well, actually it was yesterday that Storm turned 8 months. But I didn’t manage to finish the post in time.

Things have begun to move so fast. This month I felt like Storm really started to show his personality. I don’t know how many times in the past Paulus and I have remarked to each other that Storm didn’t seem to notice whatever thing was happening to him at a given time – like being in the bath, getting dressed, having his hair combed. Not so anymore. Storm is now someone with likes and dislikes. And with the means to express them, ha!

So when we left off last month we were all recovering from our colds. But right after that, Storm came down with a fever that lasted several days and got me and Mormor worried enough that we went to see the doctor. After which, of course, Storm got better, despite the doctor doing nothing. But we had a rough few days. Storm was clearly not feeling well, was sleeping a lot, and waking up cranky from naps, not really allowing us not to hold him. And at night, he would wake up multiple times, screaming and clearly distressed. We had to get up with him and walk him around in the living room in order to settle him again. Poor baby.

This all happened right before we were scheduled to travel to Birmingham, where I was going to attend a conference (as audience only! Oh, the luxury of not having the stress of one’s own presentation). We were worried we would have to cancel, but fortunately Storm got better just in time to enjoy yet another set of flights. But after taking flights across the US and across the Atlantic, two little flights within Europe was truly no big deal. And we were able to travel light. A bit too light, even. Since we were in the middle of the warmest July in the recent history of Europe, it did not occur to us to bring sweaters and proper shoes. Not even for Storm. But as soon as we touched down in Britain, it started raining. As it does when one is in Britain. So we had to detour to buy Storm some warmer clothes. That accomplished, we spent the weekend exploring Birmingham and hanging out with old and new friends. After that, I went conferencing, while Paulus, Storm, and the stroller got to know the campus inside and out. It was great for me to be at the conference and meet friends and colleagues – and of course I got to show off Storm to them as well.

Rainy breakfast on a boat

Dim sum dinner

Pretty pub food

Old Joe on the campus of Birmingham University

Back in Denmark again, we enjoyed our last (warm!) days at my mom’s house before moving yet again. This time to Holland to stay with my parents-in-law. Before we left, we had a weekend together with all the grandparents, who had not seen each other since our wedding three years ago. So that was good, too.

Oh, those suh-ummer nights…

Warm weather means a good tomato harvest

Evening play with the Postman Pat helicopter from Mormor (it’s their thing). I’m sure that didn’t exist when I was a kid. Postman Pat only had his van, then…

The car’s alright as long as the car seat is not involved

Went to Trapholt museum with the family.

More museum. We were inside too, I promise.

Extended family selfie

And now, we’re in the Netherlands. Where the heat wave continued for another while after we arrived, all the lawns turned yellow, and Storm nearly stopped wearing clothes. When we finally got some rain, it felt amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed working in the little office my parents in law have cleared for our use, while listening to raindrops on the window. And we finally used that rain cover we purchased for our stroller in anticipation of relocating to Europe. That said, I’m pretty sure I will be tired of rain before this year is over.

Pitstop and diaper change somewhere in Germany during the 9 hour car ride with the baby-who-hates-the-car-seat-and-must-be-constantly-entertained-to-avoid-a-meltdown

The very busy grandparents

Evening walk during heatwave to the local petting zoo

Visiting his cousin. Who has a trampoline!

But enough about us, let’s talk about Storm. Who met his Overgrootoma (Great grandmother)

Storm and his Overgrootoma

Looking at his new book from Overgrootoma

And who is now sitting by himself. At first, it was for several minutes at a time. Then it got to the point where I would have to remind myself that he could still topple, so I shouldn’t quickly get up to fetch stuff. And then, he sat so well for so long that we could leave pillows around him instead of staying close enough to catch him. And now he just sits.

Still supervised sitting. Endlessly fascinated by the washing machine.

For a while, Storm’s been enjoying walking while we hold his hands or support him under his arms. When allowed to walk like that, he’s clearly enjoying himself and not at all eager to sit down again. And although he’s far from steady on his legs, he is very determined and will turn and walk in the direction where interesting things can be found.

Just recently, he also started standing with support, pulling up to standing when holding someone’s hands, and he is just starting to pull himself up by other objects. Mostly by the side rail of the new “play pen” that his Opa fashioned from a bed.

Legs not so steady, but he is standing!

Sometimes in the process of standing up and during down, he ends up on all fours. But then he doesn’t know what to do. An when he’s sitting, he sometimes wants to reach a nearby object, doesn’t realize crawling could achieve this, so instead gets frustrated and complains loudly until he is helped to stand, so he can take one step and then sit down again within reach of object.

As if this wasn’t enough, both of Storm’s top front teeth emerged. This is good, because he’s really starting to consume bigger quantities of solid food. Seated in his high chair, he either growls or sometimes dissolves into tears when food is not forthcoming fast enough. But food is ingested. I know that because he also suffered some constipation for about a week, poor boy. So now, he eats prunes, too.

Enjoying a frozen banana

Big fan of water

Eating Danish food

Tomato soup aftermath: spray-tan color all over his face, neck and clothes.

Fruit popsicles are the best when it’s warm

Storm’s babble vocabulary exploded this month.  And he learned to make and imitate the modulation of sound with his hands on his mouth, which for unknown reasons I simply cannot find a video of. Strange, because for about three weeks, he did it constantly.

Oh, and he started sharing his pacifier with me. It’s the dearest thing. And we think he can almost wave now. But as for that, I certainly have spent enough time waving at him and at other people when he was around to see, that, quite honestly, he should be acquiring it.

Whew, what a recitation. But as I said, things are moving fast.

Come back for more next month where we will yet again have crossed a border so I could attend a conference, and have moved to a different country.


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