An Expansion of the Royal Family

It’s been quiet on the blog for quite a while. Not intentionally. It’s just that I haven’t been cooking much lately, and when I have managed to persuade myself into the kitchen, the things I’ve cooked haven’t been very inspiring.

But I do have a sort of excuse, which is that we have conceived a new family member, and as tiny as they are, they have  nonetheless been wreaking havoc on my food-related sentiments and activities.

I’m just over 13 weeks pregnant, and the baby’s official due date is on December 21. I’ve been feeling less nauseous and less tired this past week, so there is hope that something food-related (that isn’t completely out of character for me – I’m looking at you, Honey Smacks…) will re-appear here in the near future. It’s also likely there will be more pregnancy-related posts. But before we can get to that, there should be a proper, colorful (possibly cheesy) picture announcement of our expected family expansion.

But first some backstory. Paulus has a bathrobe that he loves. It’s red and heavy, trimmed with white plush fabric with black spots, like imitation ermine fur. It looks like a king’s robe, and that’s also what he calls it, his king’s robe. And he wears it so often at unexpected, sometimes slightly inappropriate occasions, that it has been a running joke among our friends when he shows up in it that ‘the king has arrived’. The photo above was taken by our good friend Dasa, and I think it illustrates the whole situation quite well.

When we managed to make a baby (and I was past the initial fear that it would be unmade again), we jokingly discussed procuring a baby king’s robe as a means to announce to the world that we were expecting. Then I forgot about it again, until one day, there was a package in the mail addressed to me, which I did not remember ordering. I opened it anyway – I mean, with Amazon prime and the volume of things we buy there, it’s statistically very reasonable to expect a few purchases to be forgotten about. But inside the package I found a tiny royal robe, which Paulus had ordered in secret. I was so unexpectedly happy that I laughed to myself all the way up to the fourth floor in the elevator.

There’s no other way to react to such a gesture than to counter with a blog post. So here we are, with pictures and all. I hope you all will laugh to yourselves, too.


    • We love you, too!

    • Good point. I guess we can put that on the baby registry, haha.

  1. Hoera!!!! Ik ga breien,is wit of geel een goede kleur?

  2. Hoera!!! Ik ga breien, is geel of wit een goede kleur?
    Overoma Willy

    • Wow, the mini robe is so funny! And congratulations on pregnancy, hope it all goes well and we can meet a mini version of you and Paulus.

      • Thanks Janneke, we’re keeping our fingers crossed 🙂

    • Yes to both/either yellow and white! Thank you, Oma!

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