• Lemon Soup with Kale and Meatballs

    Today's post features a lemon, kale and meatball soup. The post should have happened a while ago, because that is when I actually made the soup. But because I made a 'cheat'-version with pre-made

  • A Bunch of Dinners in October

    I'm not the world's most outgoing person. So when I manage to attend and/or host a bunch of dinners in the span of a few short weeks, I've really extended myself. Nonetheless, this happened in the

  • Fried Noodles with Veggies and Egg

    Recently, the fruit bowl was looking decidedly sad. Only a poor, starting-to-become-dry lime left by its lonesome self. Rather than buying it some friends (that sounds so unethical somehow), I opted

  • Flavors of Southern food

    Learning a bit about the flavors of Southern food. Fried cornbread, roasted root vegetables with rosemary-honey glaze, braised kale over slow braised beef neck, all topped with a kale chip and mustard